“Loiterer” (Doc Foster Band)

  • May 7, 2013
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Shot in September 2012 from 28th to 30th in Leulitz, Germany. Released: 22.05.2013 (YouTube)


Karoline Janotta as Marie Steiner, Martin Lippert as Christoph Gruber, Claudia Harder, Antje Müller, Timm Hergert, Sarah Hummel, Nils, Sofía Hernández, Caroline Mehner, Iris Bauer, Anna, Max Wege, Nicolas Huart, Erik, Maik Hummel, Jakob Hummel, Steven Kalinke, Erik Eisenhauer


Leonhard Kätzel, Maik Hummel, Antje Müller, Jakob Hummel, Steven Kalinke, Stefan

Check out the song:


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