“Beach Calls” (Doc Foster Band)

  • December 10, 2014
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Shot in September 2014 in Leipzig. Released: 09.12.2014 (YouTube). It's the second music video – after Loiterer – for the Doc Foster Band by Lester Dudit's Videogruppe.

Camera: Canon C300

Big Hi5 to Videogruppe & Ludwig Kameraverleih & Maier Bros. Leipzig!

For some behind the scene information see the More tab.


Florian Glaubitz, Chloe Piot, Anna Baumann, Carmen Orschinski, Christian Feist, Alexander Blühm, Michael Kalkhoff, Patrick, Nora Lübke, Claudia Harder.

See Der Keil for some more information about the theatre group.


Leonhard Kätzel, Timm Hergert, Carina Krause & Chicken, Steffen, Stefan, Sofía Hernández • Maik Hummel, Steven Kalinke, Jakob Hummel, Kostas Georgiou.

Behind the scenes

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